how to do baby massage at home

How To Do Baby Massage At Home Safely And Smoothly

In this article, we will provide you with a practical guide of basic instructions for performing how to do baby massage at home, which you will certainly enjoy.

What is a baby massage?

A massage is an action of manipulating the muscles of the body through various movements of the hands. It is a mainly therapeutic function which has positive effects on the baby. So it can be said that the contribution of the massage as a way of preventing pain is inevitable.

When To Start Baby Massage?

The massages in the babies are based on the slow and soft repetitions of each exercise, and its increase the pressure of gradual form along the same one. Logically, you will have to accommodate that pressure to your child’s age and musculature as it grows.


You can start to massage when it reaches its first month of life. The proper time to massage your baby is regularly when he/she is calmer, for example after bathing, before sleeping, and when he wakes up. It is suitable to create routines for your baby to get used to and know what to expect. If you add a massage to your routine after the bath and before bedtime, your baby will be much more relaxed when sleeping.


But remember that all babies are not the same and not every day has the same mood. So do not despair if you can not give the massage at the time and day you want. It may be that he is too tired, or that the bathroom changes him, or simply, he wakes up with more desire to play than to relax. You learn to know your baby better than anyone and, you will know how to detect the best moment to give a relaxing massage.


Prepare to give a special massage

Give your baby a massage is a special moment for both. The one who receives the massage and the one who gives it. you must be calm and agreeing to this excellent communication of the senses.

  • It is essential that you prepare the environment well before starting, that the room where you massage your baby has a pleasant temperature without drafts.
  • To complete a relaxed weather place and classical music for babies.
  • Ready everything you need within reach, you can give the massage with oil or special cream for babies.
  • Stretch a towel on a flat which comfortable surface for both of you. it can be your bed or changing table, but do not neglect your baby for a second, at any time it could flip over and fall off.
  • Take off any rings or any garment that may scratch your baby during the massage. And warm your hands a little so that your baby is not cold when touched. Relax your hands and concentrate only on your baby.
  • Now, lie on your baby’s back on the towel you prepared and talk to him gently. you can put him naked or if you prefer to avoid “accidents”, with a diaper.
  • Love and communication throughout the massage are very important, tell him what you are doing in each step and point out the parts of his body as you massage, also if you want you can sing gently.


Ready for the massage

1. Do not neglect the details

When we prepare to give a relaxing massage to our baby, it is essential that we take into account every one of the details to achieve the final goal: that the baby relaxes.

The room in which we are going to give the massage to the child must be perfectly conditioned and at an ambient temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius, in which the child feels neither cold nor hot. The lighting of the baby’s room is also another important element to consider. especially because with a light too intense, it will be much more complicated to relax the baby through massage. Choose a small lamp or a dim light.


2. Start on the face

Once you have prepared the stay well, it is time to start with the relaxing massage for your baby. The first step is to start with a gentle massage on the face through the fingertips, and very soft touches (as if they were caresses).

One of the best techniques to relax the baby is to make small circles with the fingers from the forehead area and down to the chin. Try to massage the face always from the central area of the face outwards, and also from above (forehead) to below (chin and chin).


3. Continue with the chest

When you have massaged face, you will have achieved that the baby is much more relaxed, so it is time to descend to the area of the chest and abdomen. Undress the baby and leave him with only a diaper so that you can give him a better massage.

Give a small stroke around the chest and ribs just as you would like to calm the cranes and when you reach the belly area, make sure to give the round massage to the same watch.


4. Go to the back

Once you have finished massaging the chest and abdomen area, it is time to move on to the back. To do this, you must turn your baby over very carefully, so that it stays upside down.

Open the palm of your hands well and start with a gentle touch from the neck area, to the lower back. Be very careful and do not exert much force, because the spine of babies did not develop one hundred percent.


5. Massage the foot

The last step of this relaxing massage for babies is to massage the: arms and legs. To do this, place your baby on his back and gently massage his limbs from the inside out. You can finish the massage in this area by gently stroking the fingers and toes.


11 benefits of massaging your baby

Among the benefits it offers are:

  • It represents a moment of affective contact.
  • Prepares the baby’s body for activity and mobility.
  • Improves your relaxation, helps eliminate tension and anxiety.
  • It helps to improve the sleeping patterns of the baby, managing to sleep more deeply and for longer.
  • It can calm a baby when it is uncomfortable or annoying.
  • It stimulates and improves the circulatory system and contributes to the best heart rate.
  • It usually improves digestion and digestion system.
  • It strengthens the baby’s immune system.
  • It helps the baby to develop a sense of his body.
  • Develop a sense of touch.
  • Strengthens the emotional bond and communication between baby and mom, or whoever does it.

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